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Divorce Laws in India

There are various Acts which govern Marriage and Divorce Laws . For example if a Hindu, sikh , jain  or Buddhist wishes to apply for divorce he has to file the Petition under the  Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 similarly there are separate Acts which govern the  Muslims and  Christians. Your search for Top Divorce Lawyer in Delhi ends here.

Grounds for  Divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Most common grounds are Cruelty , Adultery and desertion under section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Divorce Under the Indian Divorce Act,1869  for Christians

For Christians there was earlier only one ground for divorce which is Adultery however Cruelty has been added as a ground for Divorce.

Why do you need  a Top Divorce Lawyer in Delhi?

As Divorce matters are very personal in nature and no one ones to share such details with anyone . Marital disputes are so person in nature that the clients need someone who they can confide with trust . One such expert divorce Lawyer  is Advocate Tapan Choudhury, with an experience of 23 years in Matrimonial Matters amongst others.Advocate Tapan Choudhury is an Expert Divorce Lawyer.With his experience of decades he will guide you through your divorce process with ease . You can expect complete transparency and honesty which is more than 50 percent of your expectation. Rest will fall in place. He will guide you in Maintenance , custody rights , guardianship , Domestic violence , Bail Matters etc.


Kindly feel free to call Advocate Tapan Choudhury at 9873628941 or you may fill up the form here and we will get back to you . For more details on Advocate Tapan Choudhury kindly click here

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