Caveat India


WHY FILE CAVEAT PETITION as the name suggests is a 24 hr service provider for filing caveat petitions in the Supreme Court of India . The Caveat Petition will be filed by a qualified Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court of India. We guarantee that the caveat petition will be filed within the stipulated period of 24 hrs . Once the Caveat Petition is filed we take upon us the responsibility of informing you immediately of any Petitions or Appeals that may have been filed by the opposite party. Caveat Petitions are filed by a party in whose favour the High Court has already granted relief . That is to say the Caveator is already the winner in the High Court. Now since the Caveator apprehends that the opposite party may approach the Supreme Court by way of an appeal or Petition , the Caveator files the caveat so that he is informed of the matter beforehand and is given the opportunity to appear himself or through his authorized attorney on the very first date. A copy of the petition or appeal will be served before the date of hearing . To avoid any ex parte orders being passed, one should file a Caveat Petition. Therefore filing Caveat Petition is an extremely important step and helps you file the caveat petition and also assist you further as and when required. We provide services for filing Special Leave Petitions, Review Petitions , Transfer Petitions and appeals .

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