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Christian Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida

Christian Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida-an Overview

Christian Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida
Christian Divorce Lawyers in Greater Noida
  • Essentials of choosing the right lawyer for your divorce case is important
  • Marriage is an important  if you understand the Biblical Teachings.  In Matthew 19:3-9, Jesus lays a lot of emphasis on  sacredness of marriage and divorce is discouraged.
  • The ground for divorce under the christian laws was only Adultry  until a long time.
  • Cruelty as a ground for divorce is an addition which is relied upon in most cases apart from adultry.

How would you choose the  Right Lawyer in Greater Noida?

When selecting a lawyer in Greater Noida , you should consider the following as given under:
  • Experience in Christian  Divorce Laws
  • Reputation of upholding truth so as to justify your actions
  • Able to communicate with the client with honesty and transparency
  • It is also essential to be clear with the fee structure

Grounds for divorce under the Indian Divorce Act,1869?

Refer to Indian Divorce (Amendment) Act, 2001
  • Two most important grounds  apart from various other grounds are –
  • Adultery and
  • cruelty  of such a manner that  it causes  a  reasonable apprehension in the mind of the person filing the petition  that it would be harmful or injurious to live with the opposite party

What are the Other Grounds apart from cruelty and Adultery?

  • Conversion to another religion and therefore ceasing to be a christian;
  • unsound mind for a continuous period of not less than two years at the time of filing the divorce petit; or 
  • has  been suffering from venereal disease in a communicable form which is  2 or more than 2 years prior to filing the divorce petition  ; or
  •  not been heard of for a  period of seven years or more  by those person who would have otherwise naturally heard if the person is alive ; or
  •  Willful non consummation of marriage ; or
  • Non compliance of decree of  restitution of conjugal rights for a period of two years or upwards after the passing of the decree or
  • has deserted the  for at least two years prior to presentation of the petition for divorce


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