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Guardianship Lawyers in Kolkata

If you’re looking for Guardianship Lawyers in Kolkata you have arrived at the right place. It so happens that in Marital disputes the Children suffer the most and it becomes imperative for the children to choose whom to live with and for that  purpose at times the Court asks for the presence of children in such matters. However  what is more important is to find an experienced Guardianship Lawyer in Kolkata .Advocate Tapan Choudhury is a renowned Advocate with practice of over 23 years in Matrimonial Laws .

Understanding the Guardians and Wards Act


The establishment of the  Guardianship and Wards Act was to  protect the rights and  interest of the children . The legal age of a minor is less than 18 years . THE HINDU MINORITY AND GUARDIANSHIP ACT, 1956 provides for the following keeping in mind the welfare of children which is of paramount importance.

  •  Who are the Natural guardians of a Hindu minor.
  •  Who are the Natural guardianship of adopted son.
  •  What are the Powers of natural guardian.
  • What are testamentary guardians and their powers.
  • Cases in which there is Incapacity of minor to act as guardian of property.
  • What is De facto guardian   and why not to deal with minor’s property.
  • Why Guardians not to be appointed for minors undivided interest in joint family property.

Who can be the guardian of minors?

A father is the first choice  who acts as a  natural guardian of a minor  child. Provisions of the same are provided in Section 19 of the Guardianship and Wards Act,  and father is given the first priority  unless the court finds otherwise in the interest of justice.It however does not mean that  Mothers will be deprived of such rights . It is important that you get the first hand advice on guardianship and custody matters from our expert panel of lawyers headed by Advocate Tapan Choudhury.

Guardians and their types

  • Personal guardians,
  • Financial guardians,
  • Conservators, and
  • Pet guardians.

Why was the Guardianship Act enacted by Parliament?

First and foremost  the main purpose of the Act is to provide security to the child  . A guardian under the Act is granted Legal Sanction or authority  to  act on behalf of the Minor and to do what is right as per law keeping in view the welfare of the child thereby protecting the rights and interest of the child which includes keeping in safe custody the property of the minor.

What is Enduring Guardianship?

Decisions related to  health and lifestyle are taken care of by the enduring guardian  who is appointed by the  Hon’ble  District Judge’s court. The Guardianship Laws are forthcoming and keeps the interest of the minor in the forefront.

What power does the Guardian Possess?

The Power of a Guardian is vast  and encompasses  every decision that would be made on the minor’s behalf for his welfare. The Guardian appointed by the Court has a responsibility not only towards the Minor but also to obey the orders of the court which defines his rights liabilities under the Act .

Guardianship Lawyer Near Me

This is the most important factor which will determine your own choice of choosing the right Guardianship Lawyer .  Our Team of established lawyers in Matrimonial Laws will handle your case with utmost efficiency . Most importantly we maintain 100 percent confidentiality and transparency which is the first step to a reliable and dependable relationship between a lawyer and client.

Contact for Guardianship Lawyers in Kolkata

For any help with regards to Guardianship and custody laws and for any legal work kindly call us at 9873628941 or you may even click here to fill the form and we will get back to you shortly. Advocate Tapan Choudhury can also be located at Taps 9 Law Chamber

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