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Whenever there is an apprehension that the opposite party may approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court for the transfer of a case pending in the Trial Court or even the High Court in one state, the opposite party may approach the Supreme Court for the transfer of the case pending. Therefore transfer cases before the Supreme Court are entertained only in cases of transfer of cases from one state to another. In divorce cases filed in a particular state and the opposite party resides in another state, in such a scenario the party that filed the divorce case may file a caveat petition in the supreme court to ensure that no ex parte orders are passed without hearing both parties. It is advisable to keep in view the grounds available to file for transfer to the state where the opposite party resides if it appears that he or she cannot travel due to certain circumstances or there is fear of threat or any other reasons. It is not always that a transfer petition goes in favor of the wife, there have been cases where the wife also had to travel, and traveling expenses and lodging for the wife were provided. Therefore it all depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. For detailed information on filing caveat petition in the Supreme Court of India kindly call at 9873628941 or email us at


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