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Probate of a Will

What is Probate of a Will?

Probate of a will is necessary when after the death of the testator , the will left behind by the testator is produced in court to prove its genuineness . Although its not mandatory to apply for probate in Delhi and other places however it is compulsory in Bengal .

Who Applies for probate of will?

The executor mentioned in the will applies to the court for grant of probate.  The executor is the applicant for filing Probate of a Will.

What documents are required to file for Probate?

Copy of Original will

Copy of  death certificate of testator

Copy of  title of the property

When does court issues notice  to other legal heirs?

After the probate case is filed  on the very first hearing Notice will be issued to the other legal heirs if there are any . In case if any one of the legal  heir raises objections the matter will be a contested one.

What happens when address mentioned in the Probate Petition is incorrect?

There are times many indulge in such activities and In such a case the person applying for probate will be seen with suspicion.

What if will is not registered?

If will is not registered it becomes open to objections and it becomes difficult to prove such a will.

How many witnesses are required to prove the attestation of will?

There are 2 witnesses and even if 2 are not available one witness is enough to testify on the genuiness of the will

For filing Probate case in Kolkata whom should I Contact

You may contact our lawyers at Sealdah Court , Kolkata for any information related to filing Probate case in Kolkata


For filing probate in Delhi or Kolkata kindly call us at 9873628941. We have  lawyers who specialize in Probate cases . You  may even fill up the form given here



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