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Family Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Kolkata (2024)

Caveat India - Filing a Divorce Petition in Kolkata  is  a prominent legal service provider in Delhi and Kolkata specializing in family law and divorce cases apart from filing Specializing in High Court and Supreme Court including all matters related to Transfer of Divorce  in Supreme Court. You will find your  Family Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Kolkata(2024) at the most affordable fees

Child Custody Lawyer in Kolkata

We also provide you with all assistance for filing custody petition in the court of competent jurisdiction. Although in most cases when children are of tender age the custody rights remain with the mother ,however the father is as a right given right to visit the children .

Child Support Lawyer for Custody Disputes in Kolkata

We will assist you with custody matters at all levels from district court to high court to Supreme Court

Mutual Consent Divorce in Kolkata

Mutual consent divorce is filed jointly by both husband and wife . Mutual Consent Divorce is an amicable settlement between parties for dissolution of Marriage . The process takes 6 months in total however petition can be filed after minimum 1 year of separation. If the separation is more than 18 months the marriage may be dissolved within a month or two from filing the petition.

Divorce Attorney for Alimony Cases in Kolkata

Advocate Tapan Choudhury is an expert providing consultation in divorce matters for last 23 years.

Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me in Kolkata

If you are aggrieved to an extent that a complaint under the domestic violence requires to be filed you may approach us for more information

Family Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Kolkata(2024)

Kindly contact Advocate Tapan Choudhury  for any information regarding filing Divorce in Kolkata . You may also click here for more information.

Conclusion  for Family Lawyer for Divorce Cases in Kolkata(2024)

You may call us at 9873628941 for any query related to divorce matters ,custody , guardianship or domestic violence or any civil or criminal matters. Also you may click here to fill the form


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