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Lawyers in Mumbai Near Me

Lawyers in Mumbai Near Me

If you’re looking for lawyers near you in Mumbai , Caveat India will provide you with the best available lawyers in your area.

Top Divorce lawyer in Mumbai

We will provide you with personal consultation online for free for any issues related to divorce or any related matrimonial issues. Kindly fill up the form given here

Top Lawyer in Mumbai dealing with Domestic Violence

We will assist you in drafting the Petition as well as assist you in appearance in Domestic Violence related cases.  Always keep this in mind that your facts should be true and correct. These are personal issues and should be based on truth.

Top Child Custody Lawyer in Mumbai

Issues related to child custody wherein welfare of the child is of paramount importance.  Child custody in most cases remains with the mother when the child is of tender age irrespective of male or female child, however in cases of female child preference is always with the mother.  But in certain cases which are rare child custody has been given to the father also which depends on the facts of the case .

Top lawyer in Mumbai for Maintenance Cases

In case of filing Maintenance petition under section 125 CrPC or any other provisions under the personal laws you may contact us .

Conclusion for Lawyer in Mumbai Near Me

You may log on to Taps9 Law Chamber for personal online consultation .


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