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Divorce Lawyer In Mumbai

If you’re looking for a Divorce Lawyer In Mumbai you have come to the right place. Matrimonial cases are usually very personal in nature . Caveat India Provides you  with the best divorce lawyers in Mumbai.

Who is the best Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai ?

Advocate Tapan Choudhury is one of the best divorce lawyers  in Mumbai. You may Advocate Tapan Choudhury at 9873628941 directly . Initial consultation is free of cost. Advocate Tapan Choudhury has been providing legal services for last 23 years . He’s an expert in Matrimonial Matters . As you would know that it is not only divorce that that comprises of matrimonial matters, there are issues related to domestic violence, dowry , maintenance , child custody etc.

Initial Consultation with your lawyer

You need to  Evaluate how well the lawyer communicates with you  and also try to understand  the lawyer’s strategy and approach so as to set a goal for the case

comprehensive guidance

Therefore you need a comprehensive guide before you proceed in filing any of those matters. You need a deep understanding of the complexities of such proceedings.

Communicating with lawyer while the proceedings are going on

It is also important that your lawyer informs you about the proceedings of the case so that you take part in your case and since its your case you will be able to provide your own thoughts  while proceeding.  A good lawyer-client relationship is built on trust, mutual respect, and open communication. Advocate Tapan Choudhury  is a  competent and reliable divorce lawyer who can guide you through the legal process and help you achieve   your goal which is  a favorable outcome. It requires a lot of effort and therefore a one-on-one consultation is required for every consultation whether online or offline.

Who is the best Divorce Lawyer In Mumbai near you ?

Advoate Tapan Choudhury is available to answer to all your queries related to divorce and other related matrimonial matters.

What is the Cost for filing a Divorce Petition in Family Court in Mumbai?

Cost depends on the facts and circumstances of a case. However for filing a divorce petition the fees is nominal and at times we don’t charge any fees for filing divorce petition when its for filing Mutual Consent Divorce. In contested cases like when one spouse files against another under grounds like cruelty, adultery, desertion etc then in such cases its very important how the petition is drafted. The Drafting with facts which could help you in the long run is important. Drafting in contested cases is very important as you need to convey your cases properly to the court.

If your Divorce Petitioner is required to be transferred to another family court in another state?

If you require any help for transferring the divorce petition from any state to to Maharashtra , Caveat India will assist you in filing a transfer Petition in the Supreme Court of India. As you would know that for filing a Petition in the Supreme Court you will need the assistance of an Advocate-On-Record, we have in our team an AOR who will guide you in filing a transfer Petition in Supreme Court .

For filing Caveat In Supreme Court if you think the other party may approach the Supreme Court for transfer of a divorce case?

For filing a Caveat in Supreme Court we will assist you in doing so at the most reasonable cost.

Conclusion for Divorce Lawyer In Mumbai

You may also log on to Taps9 law Chamber for more information on any issue related to divorce and related issues like domestic violence , dowry related complaint ,maintenance which  includes interim maintenance , guardianship, custody rights  etc.


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