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What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Learn basic Search Engine Optimization from the SEO  masters who developed Caveat India. SEO  the abbreviation for “search engine optimization.” For increasing  visibility of your website  in Microsoft Bing,,  Google,  and  various other search engines which are used world wide for the purpose of Searching various products or information etc.

Understanding the Basics of SEO

There are various types of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

  • Technical SEO:  Here it deals with optimization of the technical part
  • On Page SEO : This is optimization of content which includes taking care of  Title tags ,Meta description , also  the Header tags (H1-H6), even the  Image alt text etc.
  • Off-Page SEO: These are usually related to backlinks and guests posts. It is important to note here that Brand building and brand marketing are very important aspect of Off Page SEO . Reviews and ratings  and round the clock  monitoring them and if possible respond to them.

Understanding the Concept of Search Engines and how they work

Crawling: Crawlers are used to identify new contents therefore sitemaps are an important aspect.

Rendering: Also generating looks  using HTML,  CSS information and  JavaScript

Indexing: There is no guarantee whether your page will be ranked or not  however most do.

Ranking: Rankings usually depend on how well your content could benefit others and a few factors like proper off page SEO like backlinks with high DA websites and yes  with low spam count websites.

Where can you  learn SEO from?

There are various youtube channels that really help you understand the basics of SEO . You may use them as a platform to learn Basic SEO. Many websites provide such articles also  blogs ,ebooks. you can engage yourself in certification programs. But the best is follow tips on youtube which are really helpful . Infact you can learn the entire SEO  and use them for your own website .

What to focus on when doing SEO of a website?

Compelling content is important that people would not only read themselves but also will share with others meaning such content should be useful content. Unique content and never copy from others. Write your content in your words in simple english but that would be appealing. Also give images which are attractive and also use the alt text when you submit your image.

Add relevant images to your content

Always make sure you add relevant images to your content . Also use the Alt Txt  and insert relevant description to the images so that the content and images match..

Connect your website to Search Console and Google Analytics

This is the first thing a new website owner should focus upon. Always make sure that you Connect your website to Search Console and Google Analytics. This will keep a track of your traffic and help you improve. It will show you the status of your website and how many people are visiting your website each day and every hour.

Understand the concept of Search Engine Results Pages (also known as “SERPs” or “SERP”)

These are Google’s response to when a user puts a query on search. They determine how your site appears on Google’s first page. There are various factors involved when google ranks you on top. The content and its optimization ,   the skills used in off page and on page as well as technical SEO will show up . Thats the final destination for any SEO specialist. To rank keywords on top of Search.

Backlinks a Must-

Conclusion for What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

This article has focused on the basics of SEO just to try to make you understand the basic concept of SEO. For more information kindly click here

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