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Who is a Transfer Petition Lawyer ? provides services for filing  Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court of India. A qualified Transfer Petition Lawyer for filing Transfer Petition is someone who is an Advocate-On-Record in the Supreme Court of India. Caveat India provides you step by step guide to file Transfer Petition in the Supreme Court.

Format for Filing Transfer Petition

There’s a format for filing transfer petition which involves filing under the correct provisions of law  which is filed alongwith the required fees.

Filing Transfer Petition Under CPC

Transfer Petition Under Section 25 Of The  Code  Of Civil Procedure 1908 Read With Order Xli Of The Supreme Court Rules 2013

Filing Transfer Petition Under CrPC

Tranfer  Petition Under Section 406 Of Code Of Criminal Procedure Read With Order XXXIX Of Supreme Court Rules 1966

What does a Transfer Petition Lawyer do ?

A transfer petition lawyer in case of Supreme Court also called an Advocate-On-Record  drafts the Transfer Petition and files the Petition with required fees and removes  any defects that there may be  for listing of the case.

When is Transfer Petition listed for hearing ?

Most fresh matters are listed either on Monday or Friday , however  this rule is in most cases , but at times it has also been seen but rarely that fresh matters are listed on other weekdays

Stay of proceedings in Family Courts

Most transfer Petitions are  accompanied by an application for ex parte stay and in most cases especially in divorce cases while the Hon’ble Court issues notice it is also accompanied by stay of proceedings in the matter for which transfer is sought. But that is totally the discretion of the Hon’ble Court. You can also see the status of the case at


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