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Top 10 Best Child Custody Lawyers in Kolkata

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Best Child Custody Lawyers in Kolkata you will find it here in Caveat India. We have a dedicated team of lawyers specializing in Matrimonial Matters. We have a separate team of lawyers taking care of Custody Matters specifically. There are various types of  Custody of children . You will have a one on one consultation for understanding Child Custody and its various implications and also about visitation rights. However it all depends on whether both the spouse are willing to amicably settle or the matter goes for a contested one.

Understanding Child Custody and its meaning

The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890  provides for provision for filing child custody  and also who gets priority for child custody when the matter is contested in court. It is true that normally minors of tender ages 5 years or less goes to the mother  however that is not always fixed if there appears to be any threat to the child in case case the mother has erratic behavior or an alcoholic which could hamper the welfare of the child .

Child custody in Mutual Consent Divorce

In Mutual consent divorce cases its mutually decided on who keeps the custody of the child , in case the mother has sole custody as decided by both parties then the father will have rights to visit the child whenever he wishes or whatever is decided by both parents. It could be unlimited visitation rights too.

Find Lawyers For Child Custody in Kolkata

As stated above for Child custody matters we have a dedicated team of lawyers who will provide you one-on-one consultation and will make sure  that you are well informed of your rights before you embark on litigation. However our main aim is to see that we settle the matters at pre litigation stage itself.

Top 10 Best Child Custody Lawyers in Kolkata

We have a list of lawyers who work with us as a team. You will be provided with experts in custody matters in Kolkata. Feel free to contact us.

How Many Types of Child Custody are there?

Physical custody,  Joint physical custody, Sole custody and Third-party custody. Now  there are custodial parents who keep custody of child  and non custodial parents who only have visitation rights . In case of contested divorce child custody becomes a little troublesome as ego plays a huge part. That is not so in case of Mutual Consent Divorce.

Child Custody Law & Child Custody Lawyer

A lawyer who specializes in Child custody law is called a Child custody lawyer thats the plain meaning of the term Child custody lawyer. Mostly Family Court specialist lawyers handle such cases and we at Caveat India

will take care of your requirements . We maintain transparency  and confidentiality in all matters we  handle for our clients . We understand that lawyer client relationship is based on trust and we make sure we maintain such trust .

Our Perfect Child Custody Lawyer in Kolkata

We will provide you with the the  best Kolkata Lawyers  for child custody with reasonable fees structure . We make sure that our charges do not fluctuate with time. We make things easier and comfortable for our clients.


For more information kindly call us at 9873628941 . We are available 24 x 7. We have lawyers in every part of kolkata . We will help you with filing in High Court and also if required in Supreme Court. We have dedicated team of lawyers both for High Court and also In Supreme Court. We will try our best to settle the matter in pre litigation stage so that you save money and time and the anxiety that goes along with court cases. In case you wish to go ahead with litigation we will make sure we take the burden upon ourselves so as to relieve you of any stress . You can depend on us entirely.  You may also view our child custody lawyer by clicking  here

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