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Lawyers in Shillong

Lawyers in Shillong

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We provide 24 x7 legal assistance for any kind of legal issues that you may have. We have been in existence since 1975.  You may contact us for any issue related to Property dispute, Criminal litigation , Family Matters , Intellectual property related issues .

Evaluating a Good lawyer for your case

This is an important factor as with experience a lawyer grows, you also need to check the reputation of the lawyer in your city

Track Record:

You can check the tract record of the lawyer , you may ask him for his credentials

Reputation within society:

reputation within the legal community and among previous  clients. These days you can check the online reviews which are quite helpful

How does your lawyer communicate with you:

Its important how comfortable you are in communicating with your lawyer . If this works fine with you rest of it falls in place keeping other factors in mind like reputation etc


You will know after initial consultation how well your lawyer is able to get you across and reach the final goal. The planning is important working on facts.

Focus on client’s interest

This is important also confidentiality between lawyer and client. Its important to have faith in your lawyer and complete trust.


How well your lawyer advises you  and his strategy in handling your case .
This is important as finally these days its very expensive to get your litigation going . Caveat India does most of the process free of cost.

Divorce Lawyers in Shillong

We provide free filing of Mutual Consent Divorce cases in shillong.  In case of contested divorce cases our fees are very reasonable. We provide free counselling initially. We have a dedicated team of lawyers completely dedicated to family law matters such as divorce, maintenance , custody , domestic violence etc.’

Appeals Lawyers

For any appeals before the High Court we provide free consultation as well as appearance before the High Court. In case you require filing any Petition before the Supreme Court , we will provide you assistance for filing Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court

Caveat in Supreme Court

For filing caveat in Supreme Court our services are free . We provide feel caveat filing in Supreme Court

Transfer Petition in Supreme Court

For any assistance for filing Transfer Petition in Supreme Court kindly call us at 9873628941

Conclusion for Lawyers in Shillong

Our dedicated team of lawyers will assist you in filing any complaint  before the  Magistrates court  or any  civil plaint  or petition before the competent civil court .






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