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Family Law Experts

Family Law Experts-9873628941  is  a 24 x 7  free online consultation service . Family Law  encompasses a huge area of law and each is related to one another in some way or the other. Caveat India
Provides free online consultation on each of the categories:

Mutual Consent Divorce

For filing Mutual Consent divorce we provide free filing in Delhi and Greater Noida and also in Kolkata.
Mutual consent divorce is an extremely simple process and involves both parties to settle the matter amicably. We also provide counseling  sessions before going ahead with divorce. In case both parties do not wish to continue then  terms and conditions are set out in the interest of both parties , however the final call is always on the parties whether they will settle the matter amicably or not. Once both parties have set out their terms and conditions and signed on the MOU then we  move ahead with filing in  the Family Court.  Its a 6 months process and both parties have to appear twice in court and on the second appearance which is also called second motion once concluded and the court allows , the divorce decree follows.
In Mutual consent divorce both have to agree  whether on maintenance , child custody or  visitation rights. Sometimes when there are no children there are times there is no payment as both agree to divorce without any monetary settlement. Which means finally its all upto the parties how they wish to settle.

Contested Divorce

In this case there are grounds such as cruelty which includes both physical and mental , adultery , desertion etc. This requires thorough consultation . Many a times we have solved these without going into litigation.


Section 125 CrPC is universal wherein any woman can file a petition for maintenance. However there are other provisions under section 24 Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and also under domestic violence act . But under section 125 CrPC every woman from whichever religion may file this petition for maintenance of herself and her children.

Child Custody

For child custody you may approach us for filing  petition pertaining to child custody. In most case due to tender age child custody remains with the mother however that’s not always the case . In some cases it may go to the father also . The most important factor is welfare of the child. We provide free consultation for child custody matters.

Domestic Violence

A woman who is treated badly while living in a shared household with her husband may approach the Magistrates court alleging domestic violence and seek protection. Also there are provisions for maintenance under the said act.

Section 498 A

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in K.Srinivas vs.K.Sunita X (2014) SLT 126, has  held that filing of false complaint against the husband and his family members constitutes mental cruelty for the purpose of Section 13(1)(ia) of the Act, 1955. Therefore just filing a complaint against the husband and family without any proper basis is a misuse of the process of law. Always be clear with facts and you should be sure before you file a police complaint not just because there is a provision that could create problems for the other spouse and his family.

Conclusion for Family Law Experts-9873628941

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