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Best Top 10 Law Websites In India-2024

Considering that every profession has turned its heads online and the size of the audience is increasing every day we will give you an insight of various law websites and their usefulness ranking Top 10 Law Websites In India.

  1. Legal Service India

This law website is one of  the oldest law websites in India , it started its operations in the year 2000 . Main USP of this brilliantly made website is its article section and wide variety of information available free for law students, lawyers and general Public. Also provides free legal consultation .


Taps9 Law Chamber is a comprehensive website providing opportunities for lawyers with a whole lot of information on various topics especially Family Laws , Intellectual Property laws , Civil Laws and Criminal Laws. A great resource for lawyers and law students.

3. Caveat India

Caveat India is a fantastic website providing information mainly on topics related to Supreme Court from filing Caveat Petitions, Transfer Petitions, Special Leave Petitions etc. This website is for those law students who aspire to practice in Supreme Court . A legal information encyclopedia of sorts.

4.   Live Law

Live law is another very useful website for law students and lawyers specially  for its database on latest Judgments  passed by the Supreme Court and various other High courts in India.

5. Ipleaders

Fantastic website providing blogs and an opportunity for law students and lawyers alike to write blogs in their website. Definitely finds itself in the 3rd Position for mainly because of its  blog section.

6 .VakilSearch

Great website however this website is mainly for people looking for legal help. Altogether a good website for the general public .

7. LawBhoomi
This is another website providing legal resources for lawyers and law students

8. Lawctopus

A great website for law topics also offers online courses  and job opportunities apart from providing opportunities to legal interns

9. taps9Law Chamber

An upcoming website providing wide variety of information on family laws , this website provides free legal consultation 24 x7 . Most of the information and even services are free of cost , although new it deserves to be ranked within top 10

10. PathLegal

It definitely deserves a place on top 10 . A  great website LPO training  and mainly deals with legal software and mainly uses technology to promote itself

Conclusion for Top 10 Law Websites In India

The above are extremely powerful websites which law students and lawyers regularly avail  and have benefitted .  All the websites have their uniqueness and are mainly information and service based. You may visit the home page for any assistance for filing Petitions in Supreme Court.



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