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How to File Transfer Petition in Supreme Court ?

We will help you file Transfer Petition in Divorce cases . File Transfer Petition avail Free Consultation. We provide free consultation for the same . Transfer Petition in cases where the wife is the Petitioner and the husband files a divorce petition elsewhere in such cases we provide free filing of transfer Petition.

How much time will it take to transfer a divorce case filed by husband in another state ?

Usually it takes around 6 months however there is no fixed time for that. It depends on the case.  It depends on whether the husband comes forward to contest the case then it should be within 6 months

What if the husband does not contest?

In such cases Notice will be sent multiple times and finally if he does not come at all it will be allowed ex parte in favour of the wife keeping in view the facts of the case

Under what grounds should the wife file Transfer Petition?

Grounds mainly in transfer petition is the difficulty the wife might have in appearing in the case in another state. If there are children and the wife is staying with the children without any support from anywhere then it becomes even more a strong ground . Apart from that it also depends on how financially the wife is.

Conclusion for File Transfer Petition avail Free Consultation

In most case divorce cases filed by husband in another state are allowed to be transferred when the wife files the transfer petition however there is no fixed rule but if the grounds are strong enough then chances are very high. For more information kindly call us at 9873628941. You may also click here to know more about filing transfer petitions



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