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Caveat Petition Format in India

Caveat Petition expires after 90 days from the date on which it was first registered. Once the Caveat Petition expires one has an option of filing afresh which after 90 days or opt for Caveat Petition Renewal.

Now this happens in cases when no petition or appeal is filed within 90 days. Therefore if one still feels or apprehends that there is a chance of the opposite party filing it one may file after an expiry of 90 days.
The process remains the same as it was when one first filed.
Filing a caveat petition can be done within a few hours of receiving relevant documents. Once filed a provisional diary number will be given and within a day or two it is updated online and one can view it on the official website.
The caveat petition remains active up to 90 days from the date it is registered. Any filings by the opposite party will be informed and the person who files a petition will also be informed that a caveat petition has been filed. Therefore both parties are kept informed on the filing of the caveat petition.
The caveator at all times will be intimated about any progress in the case that has been filed and will be supplied with a copy of the same.
One should remember that the party in whose favor the high court has passed a favorable order files a caveat. Caveat Petitions can be filed in every court within the jurisdiction of India. for more information  visit

Once Caveat is renewed it remains active for another 90 days. Therefore unless the opposite party files a petition within that period, the caveator should renew the caveat. Caveat Petition Renewal can also be done after the expiry of 90 by filing afresh.

File Afresh after 90 days 

Although 90 days is the period within which one must file a caveat petition the Petitioner can always produce grounds for condonation of delay. therefore it is advisable to keep the caveat petition active at all times. Caveat Petition Renewal can be an option, however, Caveat Petition Renewal can be dispensed with by filing a fresh caveat.

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